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Added on: 29th Jul 2014


Skoda made this amazing car for an advert that cost a

whopping £500,000! But what made this car so special?

It was made purely out of cake! of course!

With a monstrous 100kgs of flour and another 100kgs of

caster sugar, it took 4 days to make for a TV advert that

lasted 60 seconds!



James Dean’s Porsche 550 Spyder  
The Hans Burie’s Belgian chocolate car!

With an amazing 800kgs of Belgian chocolate and that’s not all,

even the interior is made of chocolate with a

chocolate steering wheel. 



An icy Ford Focus which was exhibited at the British International

Motor Show in 2006. Made of 120 separate pieces of ice.





Here is a knitted Ferrari! Featured in the British International Motor Show,

Lauren Porter, who is an art graduate, knitted this car which consists of

250 pieces of garter stitch for her honours degree at Bath Spa University.




 BMW released its concept car that has a skin made of

cloth rather than metal. The skin which is a durable

fabric is just a single piece which means that you can

change the design of the body.  



The entire surface of this car is covered in cameras.

This is one of Harrod Blank’s, who makes art cars as his speciality.

Camera Car



Jack Kirkby created this eccentric looking 1965 Ford Mustang

by using 5000 beer cans to cover the entire surface.



Even more impressive is this

F1 car made from Red Bull energy drink bottles



f1 car replica made of red bull bottles 2



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