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When a waterspout hits a body of water, the frogs are sucked way

up into the funnel and soon become an unwilling passenger in its ride

away from its original habitat. Once the wind dies down, the frogs are

then released full force which then gives the appearance of frogs

raining down from the heavens.





The meat, which measured between two and four inches square and

appeared to be of the beef variety, rained down in a backyard in the

little Kentucky town of Olympia Springs.  The most probable theory given

was that a large pack of buzzards had probably just eaten a pack of

dead horses and when one of them expelled the meat, all the other

buzzards (which is apparently a buzzard trait) then followed suit.





In 1969 in the town of Chester, South Carolina, there was enough cream

for everyone’s coffee and it came falling from the skies.  The Borden

company, which manufactures Cremora, a powdered non-dairy creamer

had a problem with its exhaust vents. Every time the vents became

clogged, puffs of non-dairy  creamer would spew from the air. When the

puffs of creamer mixed with rain and dew, the result was a

gunky, sticky mess.




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On September 1, 1969, golf enthusiasts from Punta Gorda, Florida

probably thought they died and went to heaven. It was on that day

that residents woke up to find dozens and dozens of golf balls 

falling from the skies. According to meteorologists, Punta Gorda,

which is located on Florida’s western Gulf coast and is home to

many golf courses, probably experienced a passing tornado

which gulped up a golf ball filled pond which in turn rained down its

contents on the streets of the unsuspecting town.




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On March 4, 2001 at the Galashiels Academy in the United Kingdom,

David Crichton’s soccer class was on the field in the midst of a game

when the students were suddenly pelted with dozens of earthworms that

seemed to be raining from the sky. After it was over, Crichton spoke

with his science colleagues to determine a cause but none of them had an

explanation for it. One teacher thought it was a freaky weather thing but as

it turns out it was a sunny clear day. Crichton also noted that the students

were far from any buildings so there was no way that it could have been

someone’s idea of a practical joke.





In 1997 a Japanese fishing trawler was rescued by a Russian patrol

boat in the Sea of Japan. When the castaways were asked how their boat

came to be in distress they replied “a cow fell from the sky and sank us”.

Well of course not believing their story the fishermen were immediately

arrested and went to jail. Two weeks later however, an embarrassed member

of the Russian air force informed Japanese authorities that one of its crew

members had indeed stolen a cow for its beef and took it aboard his flight.

Cows being cows however, don’t like enclosed spaces and definitely don’t

like flying so in order to save the aircraft and themselves the airmen threw the

poor cow out of the plane at 30,000 feet just as it was flying over the

Sea of Japan.

The Japanese seamen were immediately released.





In 1957, thousands of 1000 franc notes seemingly fell from the sky in

the small town of Bourges, France. In December 1975 hundreds of

one dollar bills totalling $588 fell from the skies over Chicago, Illinois.

Outside of a store in Ramsgate England, pennies seemingly fell from

the heavens on December 3, 1968.  On May 28 1981 a girl from

Reddish England claimed she saw a 50 pence coin fall from the sky

as she walked through St. Elisabeth’s churchyard. Later in the day

several other children claimed the same thing happened to them as they

all convened at a local candy store. When the store owner called the

church Reverend to see if perhaps the children had been stealing from

the poor box, the Reverend said no money was missing. When the children

were all questioned together they all claimed that the money indeed fell

from the sky.


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