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"Beyonce pf"

Jay Z acts younger than his age so it’s easy to forget

that he’s actually 12 years older than his wife BeyoncĂ©.

The duo first collaborated in the studio together and

soon their working relationship blossomed into much more.

The couple did their best to keep their relationship

outside of the media but eventually word got out that one of

the hottest rappers in the game was dating an international

superstar. They recently celebrated their

sixth anniversary.




"catherine zeta jones pf"

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas found happiness

with each other, establishing the quintessential May-December romance,

Although he’s 25 years older than her, the two married in a lavish ceremony

just weeks after Douglas’s previous divorce was finalized and the two

remained by each other’s sides through his battle with throat cancer and

through her struggle with bipolar disorder. Last summer it was reported

that the duo had split up and Zeta-Jones moved out of their marital home.

Working through their issues, they have reconciled and a

re now living together again.




"Celine Dion pf"

There’s nothing like having a partner believe in your dream.

Celine Dion’s manager Rene Angelil had so much faith in the

Canadian singer that he famously mortgaged his house to

bankroll her debut album. Never mind that she was a teenager

and he was 26 years her senior. The gamble certainly paid off.

Along with having an illustrious career, Dion has been married to

Angelil for almost 20 years and they have three children together.




"Heidi Klum pf"

Singer Seal has certainly dated his fair share of models.

But when he hooked up with supermodel Heidi Klum he was smitten.

So smitten that he made the “Project Runway” host and

judge his wife even though he’s 12 years older than her .

The couple renewed their vows every year for seven years

until they announced they were calling it quits in 2012.

Klum was also in a long-term relationship with a man who was

23 years older than her before she married Seal.




"Angelina Jolie pf"

Angelina Jolie caught a lot of flack when word got out that she was

romantically involved with her fellow Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star

Brad Pitt, a man 12 years her senior. Many blamed her for breaking up

his marriage to his first wife Jennifer Aniston. The couple stayed out of

the public eye for much of the beginning until the heat died down.

Before Pitt, Jolie was married to fellow actor Billy. Bob Thornton,

who’s 20 years older than her.




"Megan Fox pf"

Talk about barely legal! Megan Fox had millions of teenaged boys

and men drooling over her in Transformers. But Brian Austin Green

has been with Fox since she was 18 and he was in his 30’s.

Although they broke up a couple times, they eventfully got it together

and tied the knot. Fox has been very vocal about her disinterest in

dating men close to her age. “Boys in their twenties are a waste of time,”

she said. “They have nothing to offer conversationally; they’re immature.”




Hayden Panattiere’s first big role was on a soap opera but she grabbed

Tinsel Town’s attention as the indestructible cheerleader on the hit show

“Heroes.” She also found herself in love with her co-star Milo Ventimiglia.

Their relationship sparked a controversy because she was just 17

at the time while he was almost 30. When that relationship went sour,

she found love again with heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko,

who was even older than Ventimiglia by a couple years.

They split up but found their way back to each other and the 24-year-old

“Nashville” star announced earlier this year that she’s pregnant

with their first child together.




"Mary Kate Olsen pf"

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen grew up in the public eye.

After snagging a role they shared on the 80’s sitcom

“Full House” when they were barely able to talk, the twins

stayed employed in the entertainment industry. As they got older,

they tried their best to shield themselves from the media.

Although they’re identical twins, one of them has a penchant to

date older men. Mary Kate has been romantically linked to

Olivier Sarkozy, a man almost 20 years her senior since 2012.

Several months ago, it was announced that the couple were engaged.


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