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Added on: 4th Jun 2013


The Steeple-Jacks


Three steeple-jacks, an Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman had stopped for lunch a hundred feet above the streets of London. As usual they had sandwiches in their lunch-boxes and none of them looked too excited at the prospect.


The Englishman opened his box and found beef sandwiches as always and in anger he said "If I've got beef again tomorrow, I'm jumping off - I've had enough of this!" The Scot found Tuna in his as always and said that he would join the Englishman in protest if he had Tuna the next day as well. The Irishman had cheese in his and he swore to join the others if he had cheese the following day.


Lunchtime the next day was a sombre occasion for the three friends. One hundred feet up they sat and in turn opened their lunch boxes. The Englishman found to his disgust that he had beef again, the Scot had Tuna and the Irishman - cheese. Together, as agreed, they jumped off and fell to their deaths.


At the combined funeral the three wives tried to console each other. The Englishman's wife was saying how much she thought her husband enjoyed the beef sandwiches she made him each day. The Scotsman's wife said the same of the Tuna she gave her husband. But the Irishman's wife was distraught and said that she just couldn't understand it as Paddy always made his own sandwiches!


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