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A humanoid robot fictional character from the animated TV series,

The Jetsons, Rosie the Maid first appeared in 1960 where she played

the maid and housekeeper of the family. She was depicted wearing

a frilly apron and was often seen with a vacuum cleaner. Voiced by

Jean VanderPyl, she calls George Jetson, the patriarch of the

Jetson’s family, as “Mr. J.”





Lion Force Voltron is a supersized robot from the animated

series entitled Voltron, Defender of the Universe. The series

featured a team of five young pilots that commanded five

robot lions which could combine to create the supergiant robot,

Voltron. In an undefined future era, the Voltron Force was created

to defend the galaxy from evil and protect the planet ruled by

Princess Allure from the king’s son Lotor and the evil witch Haggar.

The Lion Force Voltron is one of three Voltrons; Vehicle Voltron and

Gladiator Voltron are the other two, however only Lion Force and

Vehicle Voltron were made into a cartoon series.




Despite that “The Robot” has no given name in the

“Lost in Space” movie, this Class M-3 Model B9 goes beyond its

usual function as a General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental

Control Robot as it shows human emotions and can interact with humans.

It also knows how to play the electric guitar while showing its revolutionary

weapons and employing its superhuman strength when necessary.





KITT or the Knight Industries Two Thousand is a talking Trans Am

car that captured the hearts of many viewers from the hit TV series,

Knight Rider, starring David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight. This

semi-autonomous robot was the trusted side kick to Michael Knight,

saving him from many dire situations thus developing a strong

friendship bond. KITT’s many features included the Turbo Boost,

the ability to drive without a human driver, a molecular bonded

shell body armour that could resist impact and most artillery;

and the Super Pursuit Mode just to name a few.




Included in the Japanese Godzilla series back in the 1950s,

Mechagodzilla was created by the Simians, a race of

humanoid apes, in order to achieve world domination.

It first appeared in the series disguising itself as Godzilla and

destroyed cities. Because of its advanced weaponry and technology,

its many weapons, including that of Godzilla’s atomic breath,

proved to be the King of Beast’s most formidable foe.




ED-209 or the Enforcement Droid Series 209 is a fictional robot in

the movie franchise, RoboCop, which was first shown in 1987.

It did not only serve as a heavily-armed obstacle to RoboCop but also

became the source of comic relief for the movie due to its

tendency to malfunction at inappropriate times and the

seemingly lack of intelligence.




Evangelions, also known as EVAs are huge robots

(known as mechas) which are piloted by 14-year old children

chosen by the Marduk Institute in the animated series,

Neon Genesis Evangelion. These pilots are tasked to

defend Tokyo-3 from the Angels who are god-like beings

antithetical to human life. Designed similar to the Japanese folklore

creature, Oni, the EVAs were assumed to be giant humanoid robots,

though they were actually cyborgs run by human pilots.

All of the ‘children,’ who piloted these robots lost their mothers

after the Second Impact, where the souls of their deceased mothers

were integrated into the EVAs in order to form psychic links with

their pilots.




More famous in Terminator 2 as Liquid Metal due to its form,

T-1000 was created by Skynet in order to decommission T-800,

or Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the said movie and kill John Connor.

Because of T-1000’s mimetic poly-alloy genetic makeup, it can

assume any form and can take on any shape.

It can even recover quickly from physical damage.




The Iron Giant is a robot that fell from orbit;

crashed in the coasts of Rockwell, Maine, was found by a

young boy named Hogarth and is the main character in the 1999 movie

“The Iron Giant”.


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