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Added on: 26th Nov 2014

The short lived airline, Western Pacific decided to paint one of

their planes with The Simpsons in 1995 as part of the many advertisements

that were painted on their planes. Together Bart, Homer, Lisa and Marge

graced the sides of the plane until the airline went bankrupt in 1998.

In 2006, U.S Airways played homage to the Arizona Cardinals by

painting it’s trademark red bird logo along both sides of the plane.

Germany held the World Cup in 2006 and Lufthansa decided to do

their bit…by simply painting a football onto the nose of the plane.

Luftansa did this to 40 of its fleet.

Back in 2008, Russian airline Aeroflot painted one of their planes

silver and red to honour Russia’s Olympic team. The plane spent

weeks flying from Moscow to Beijing and back, shuttling Russian athletes,

politicians and dignitaries to and from the Olympics. The pattern on the

plane is the same pattern designed for Team Russia’s uniforms.

Back in 2009, supermodel Bar Rafaeli celebrated, landing on the

cover of Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue, by having

herself painted onto a South West Airlines plane, in nothing but her bikini.

The plane carried the sexy image from New York to Las Vegas until the

airline repainted the plane later on in the year.

Vienna, most critically acclaimed for composers, orchestras, ballets

and artists of all time. Their airline, Austrian Airlines, decided to show

off their classical history by painting one of their planes with violins,

bassoons, cellos and other various classical instruments as a tribute to

the Vienna Philharmonic. It was painted in 2006 but unfortunately

repainted a year later.

In 2005, Malaysia Airways decorated two of its Boeing 747′s with exotic

designs based on red Hibiscus flowers. This was done because the

Hibiscus flowers are the national flowers of Malaysia. Unfortunately the

planes were repainted back to their old schemes in 2008 meaning that

this awesome design doesn’t exist anymore.

Virgin Atlantic is famous for its trademark, flying ladies that include

Lady Penelope, Lady Luck, Tinker Belle, Barbarella, Diana,

Cosmic Girl and Scarlet Lady. Back in 2010 however, to celebrate

10 years of services from Las Vegas to London, Virgin decided to

paint Dita Von Teese onto the plane!

Singapore Airlines painted two Boeing 747′s in the late 1990′s

in a paint job called the “Tropical Megatop” which was done to

promote the airlines new first class and business class service.

Unfortunately, one of these planes, Singapore Airlines flight 006,

crashed in Taiwan on its way to Las Vegas, killing 83 people on-board.

The other plane was immediately repainted afterwards so this

paint job doesn’t exist anymore.


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