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Referred to as Number 5 for being the 5th robot created for use in the

Cold War, Johnny 5 is the main character in the movie Short Circuit,

which was released back in 1986. The said robot was demonstrated

in Damon, Washington where it was partially damaged by a power surge,

making it wander aimlessly. It was seen by Stephanie, and was mistaken

for an alien, which demanded for “input” for it to have purpose.

As it developed human nature, and even emotions, it was afraid to be

disassembled and reprogrammed later naming himself “Johnny 5”

after hearing the song, Who’s Johnny.




Robby the Robot was a famous science fiction icon in the 1960s when he

first appeared in the movie, The Forbidden Planet. This 7-foot robot

also follows the Three Laws of Robotics as emphasized in the 1950 version of I,

Robot by Isaac Asimov. In the movie, Robby was programmed by Dr. Mobius

to be a helpmate to the Earthlings, where he also communicates with them using

his monochromatic voice. His speech can be detected through a blue light that

appears on his mouth. He also appeared in other shows such as The Twilight Zone,

The Addams Family, Lost in Space, Wonder Woman, The Love Boat, in

Gremlins, and a whole lot more.




A popular series by Osamu Tezuka in Japan, Astro Boy is an atomic-powered

robot with 100,000hp. He is a little robot who resembled Tobio, the dead

son of Dr. Tenma. Also known as Iron Arm Atom, Tetsuwan Atomu, or

Mighty Atom; Astro Boy first appeared as a manga series in 1952

before it became a much-followed and well-loved television series. Besides

releasing the manga series into its English version, Astro Boy was also

released as a live-action movie in 1962.




Although she appears to be a very attractive woman, Major Motoko Kusanagi,

the main protagonist in the Ghost in the Shell anime, is actually a

cyborg that works as the squad leader in Public Security Section 9.

She has appeared in manga, movie, and TV, being rendered differently by

various illustrators. In the anime series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex,

Major Kusanagi recounts her past and is seen as a human being that chose to

obtain supernatural powers in her purpose to use her for people in need.




Bishop 341-B in the Aliens movie is actually an android technician that

serves in the United States Colonial Marine Corps and is aboard the

USS Sulaco with the rank of Executive Officer. Even though he was never

a combat personnel, he was able to use his abilities and skills in fighting

against a Xenomoprh infestation at the colony, and was responsible for

aiding survivors to safety. Because of his selflessness, he sustained

major damage and later requested that he be decommissioned and





Mega Man was first created as a lab assistant to Dr. Light, who referred

to him as Rock during the first development. However, he was converted

into a battle robot when Dr. Light’s former partner, Dr. Wily, activated

robots and made them his tools of world domination. Mega Man has been

created to adapt to enemy abilities and use them as weapons that can defeat

other robots. Ever since the first game was released in 1987, he has been seen

growing with characters like Rush, Roll, Beat, Eddie, and had nemesis like

Bass and Proto Man. Furthermore, he was later created as X, being

associated with Zero and Sigma in the Mega Man X series.



HAL 9000

HAL or formally known as Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic Computer,

is the main computer that controls the ship Discovery One in the movie 2001:

Space Odyssey. Despite being the main brain that operates the ship and

interacts with the astronauts inside it, HAL 9000 is taken as an

antagonist in the said movie for killing the crew for their objective of

shutting down HAL due to its malfunction and errors in analysis,

observation, and reporting. It has no form, but it can simply be identified

as a red camera in the main computer.




Bender from Futurama was created as an industrial metalworking robot,

but was later seen in the series as a robot that drinks beer and smokes.

Despite not having a human body, he carries the full name of

Bender Bending Rodriguez as he was created from Fábrica Robotica

De La Madre in Tijuana, Mexico. He can live less than a billion years

and his memories cannot be transferred to another robot, as there

was a system backup failure shortly after creation. He finished bending

and Robo-American studies at the Bending State University, and he used

to be a member of the Epsilon Rho Rho, a frat organization for robots.

Aside from having human vices, he is also into dating different women,

being labelled as a womanizer in many aspects.


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