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Added on: 11th Jun 2015


2012 LUCRA LC470

Small in measurement and weight (only weighs about 2,000 pounds…

kind of reminiscent of the Mazda Miata) The Lucra LC470 is a

deceptively powerful machine.  The structure under that carbon-fibre

body is a straightforward tube-frame chassis supported on

aluminium suspension links taken from underneath a C4 Corvett.

The front 17-inch wheels are encased in 275/40R17 Nitto NT01 tires,

while the rear set are incased in 315/35R17 Nittos coupled with PBR

13-inch disc brakes. The engine sits near the middle of the 96-inch

wheelbase, well behind the front wheels. With the LS7 V8 outputting

505 hp under its hood it’s easy to see why the Lucra can obtain

performance such as zero to 60 mph in only 2.5 seconds.

(phew, that’s fast!)




The Stock Nissan GT-R is already stunningly beautiful.  But when you add

a full BenSopra body kit which comes with the dugout fenders and strakes;

doors that have been replaced with Seibon Dry Carbon replicas, door sills

that are carbon fibre; AMS Performance dry carbon roof and trunk panels;

and a giant BenSopra rear wing, there is no doubt that the outcome is just

pure face slapping awesomeness!




What car can zooms around at impressive speeds and flips other cars to

their demise? Why, this bare bone steel cage menace on four wheels of

course. This go-cart looking ramp car uses the same 6.2-liter LS3 V8

from the GM Performance catalogues that McCarthy has installed in other

vehicles for the film. Rated at 430 horsepower, this cage on wheels has

more than enough juice to zoom around and leave the other cars spinning…

literally spinning…in the air.  As if the crazy cage design was not enough,

the LS3 is mounted backward in the ramp car which sends power into

a GM Turbo 400 three-speed automatic transmission that in turn churns

a Casale V-drive gearset that’s mounted just behind the driver. The

V-drive reverses the power flow so a small driveshaft can then feed the

rear axle. Furious design? You bet.




An icon among icons in the hot rod world, Big Red made its first

Appearance in 1987 and took the hot rod world by storm.  The muscular

look of the car bespoke of its power; a power that was on full display the

year of 1989 when it was taken to a closed section of Nevada highway. 

Here, Big Red absolutely destroyed the competition and expectations at

that year’s Silver State Classic open road race. Using its 800-horsepower

Chevy big-block V8 it sped through the 94-mile course in just 27 minutes

and 54 seconds; an average of 197.99 mph with radar guns picking a top

speed of 222 mph. The car used in the movie is the same car.




In Fast and Furious 6, Vin Diesel lays the 1970 Dodge Charger keys down,

and picks up the 1969 Dodge Daytona keys.  The Irony behind this car

selection is that the Daytona is an aerodynamically enhanced version

of the Charger which was created in order to compete in super

speedways the likes of Talladega and Daytona.  The evolution of

design from one car to another seems to fit the evolution of Vin Diesel’s

character from a more rugged thug-like criminal to a more refined and

sophisticated leader.  Needless to say though, this car is beautiful

with its striking fin and smooth yet strong curvature.




Another small car, the Ford Escort was a very common car in Europe.

 Introduced in 1968, the Escort was Ford’s European small car which

housed a four-cylinder, overhead-valve engine of 1.1- or 1.3-liter; needless

to say, not a powerful vehicle. That is until the small rugged nimble car was

introduced to a 1.6-litre twincam 16-valve BDA four-cylinder engine in 1970. 

The BDA featured Ford’s first four-valve combustion chambers and

transformed the Escort into a daredevil of a performance vehicle.




A menacing looking hot rod, the F-bomb is a 1,500-horsepower

(you read that right), twin-turbocharged monster of a car.  This beast

is so powerful that it comes with a handy dandy rear parachute. 

You know, for those times when you feel like breaking the sound barrier

but need some assistance to stop.  Sadly, the original is not used in the

movie.  Instead three replicas where used all equipped with 300

horsepower GM crate V8s.




The recognizable 1970 Dodge Charger was Dom’s car of choice in the

early Fast and Furious movies.  An irony really since this car is the

only car that Dom admitted to being afraid to drive.  Nevertheless it

makes its way on our list due to its pre-eminence in the film and its

overall kick awesome retro looks.   

You can’t deny, this charger is in charge.


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