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RoboCop is the fictional robot that was brought to life by Peter Weller

in the movie of the same title in 1987. The suit was designed by

Rob Bottin with a budget of a million dollars and was attached to

Peter Weller in sections. All in all, six suits were made for the movie,

where three showed damages while the rest made it through the film.

RoboCop was the veteran police officer Alex Murphy who was brutally

murdered. His body was reconstructed in a cyborg project by

Omni Consumer Products (OCP) to address the city’s crime.




Formally designated as Lieutenant Commander Data, this android

created and designed by Dr. Noonien Soong serves as second officer

in the USS Enterprise-D and USS Enterprise-E. Aside from displaying

amazing computation skills, Data is also able to interact and understand

human emotions due to his painful experiences while at the earlier stages

of his development. Due to his association with people, Dr. Soong also

implanted an emotion chip on his positronic net to tap Data’s more

human side.




Famous for being the leader of the evil robot faction, Decepticons,

Megatron can be seen transforming into different forms such as being

a handgun, a tank, a jet, a Porsche, and even being a Nissan 370Z.

He is the nemesis of Optimus Prime and of the Autobots ever since the

war between the two forces began in Cybertron.




The character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1984 film, T-800

is a cyborg that was designated by their numbers such as T-850 or T-101.

It was initially programmed as an assassin and military infiltration unit

by the resistance in the future to kill Sarah Connor to prevent the

birth of her son, John.




Wall-E (which stands for Waste Allocater Load Lifter- Earth Class) was

the fictional robot featured in the 2008 film entitled Wall-E. The plot

follows Wall-E as he carries out his duty to clean the waste-covered

earth in a future era. In the process of cleaning the earth he comes

across and falls in love with another task robot named Eve,

eventually following her into outer space in an adventure that

altered the destiny of not only his kind, but of humanity as well.




C-3PO is famous for being talkative, aside from the fact that he is found

talking gibberish to R2-D2 or to other droids and even humans. However,

his blabbermouth nature could be attributed to his skill of being able to

speak and interact in over 6 million forms of communication, which

explains why he is a valuable asset in the group, especially when

traveling in different planets. Serving as a protocol droid, his main

purpose is to be a liaison for different races, nations and planets by

addressing manners, customs, etiquette, and language.




Even before the days of being Prime, Orion Pax was already associated

with Megatron in an exemplary way. He viewed the Decepticon leader as

an epitome to look up to. However, when Orion Pax knew of the leader’s

evil heart, he waged war against the Decepticons.




The other half of the robot tandem in the Star Wars saga, R2-D2 is

actually a shorter term for its real name, Second Generation Robotic Droid

Series-2, according to a published Star Wars encyclopaedia. And even

though it only knows how to whistle talk, move slow, and do little things like

create a hologram projector and ride on the X-Wing, George Lucas

considered this guy to be one of his favourites.


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