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Added on: 12th Dec 2015

Topped with a television transmitter, Praded is the second highest

mountain of the Czech republic. at a height of  1492 metres

(almost 4900 feet), the peak is snow-covered for about

half the year.

Cold weather, unique unspoiled nature and incredibly beautiful

countryside, this is what Canada offers in winter. Moraine Lake, a

glacially-fed lake, lies in the Banff National Park, Alberta.

Situated in the mountainous Karst area of central Croatia, Plitvice Lakes

are among the prime landmarks of the country attracting more than

1.2 million of visitors every year. Winter gives this place an even

more magical atmosphere.

An isolated park covered with fresh white snow is one of the most

romantic places lovers can find. To enjoy this gorgeous view,

you have to visit Germany.

In December 2013, snow and freezing temperatures surprised countries

which lie in subtropical regions, creating very bizarre sceneries like this one.

The Pyramids of Egypt, for example, were covered with snow

for the first time in 112 years.

In Iceland, by contrast, ice and snow is an inseparable part of the local

stunning landscape. Waterfalls and glacial lakes are one of the most

distinctive natural features of the country.

The Iceland´s winter countryside looks impressive enough just as it is

but when illuminated by the northern lights, it looks like something

from another world.

Winter is cold, but if you plan it right, winter can also be fun.


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