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Lawton, Oklahoma, played host to the gruesome and unsolved death

of Aileen Conway in 1986. Aileen’s body was found in her flaming car

in what her husband (Pat) believes was murder. Though the cause

of death was initially ruled an accident, Pat found evidence which

seems to prove the contrary, including the car which was

smothered in gasoline and a few erratic instances at home such

as the iron being left on, her purse left behind, and the water

hose filling up the pool. The current assumption is that Aileen may

have walked in on burglars who were robbing the neighbourhood

and the burglars kidnapped her and tried to make her death

seem like a road accident.





Angie Housman was a normal fourth-grader living in the suburbs of

St. Louis, Missouri. Last seen alive eight houses away at her local

school bus stop, Angie mysteriously disappeared. Her limp, ice-dotted

body was found nine days later tied to a tree. The cause of death

believed to be exposure to the elements, medical examiners found

her kidnapper raped and tortured her for a week before duct-taping

her live body to the tree. Though police pulled DNA and fingerprints

from her body, they have never been able to identify their owner

and thus the killer in this murder mystery.





Su Taraskiewicz was a ramp supervisor at Northwest Airlines in the

early 1990’s, only the second female ground service worker for

Northwest. Though her death by stabbing and assault was ruled a

random act of violence when her body was discovered in the

trunk of her car, over a year later her mother was flipping

through her diary and found a complex tale of sexual harassment

and corruption at work. Su filed complaints with the airline for

sexual harassment by her co-workers, but the abuse only worsened.

The previous summer, baggage handlers were found to be

stealing packages of new credit cards sent in the cargo hold and

using or selling them. Some of Su’s co-workers are suspected in

her murder, but with little information, her murder remains unsolved.




homeless person cart

Twelve people among Cleveland, Ohio’s homeless population were

murdered in the late 1930’s and nobody knows who did it.

Also known as the Butcher of Kingsbury Run (a suburb of Cleveland),

the Cleveland Torso Murderer always beheaded his/her victims

and often cut them in half, even castrating most of the males.

Some of the victims’ bodies were found so long after (up to a year

in one case) that it was impossible to identify them. Though there

were two loose suspects, neither were ever truly linked to the murders.




car fire

The town of Gormania, West Virginia, was rocked by a yet unsolved

murder-disappearance in early 1998. Teenager Cathy Ford was having

an affair with a local police officer, Paul Ferrell. The day after

speaking to Paul on the phone, Cathy vanished. Paul found her

car near her trailer the next day, burnt to a crisp; police wouldn’t

find the car until two weeks later. Paul was later arrested and charged

as he did not report the car (and sent a fake letter to the police

purportedly from Cathy and as blood found in his bedroom

was “not inconsistent” with that from Cathy’s parents. Cathy’s

body was never found and an investigative journalist found two

witnesses who claimed to have seen Cathy long after her supposed

death. Paul was released on parole over 15 years later and some

believe he was innocent.





Happy newlyweds Su-Ya Kim and Su Young moved from Korea to

the U.S. in 1981. After having two children and opening two

successful stores, Su arrived home one day and found his wife

Su-Ya had not returned and the car engine was cold. The

following day, a security guard found a body in a trash

dumpster and reported a white man with round glasses had acted

strangely around the bin early that morning. Police identified

the body as Su-Ya’s but the evidence has not been sufficient

enough to find the killer. With the pain of his wife’s death too

hard to bear, Su moved back to Korea with his children a

few months later.





Rachael Runyan was like any typical three-year-old girl, playing in her

front yard one day when she was kidnapped by an unknown man.

Exactly 21 days later, her body was discovered in a rural creek

near her hometown. Little evidence existed then, but years later the

killer left a message in a market bathroom. He or she claimed that

Rachael’s murder was part of a Satanic ritual and police believe

she was filmed being molested, tortured, and murdered in a

snuff film (“a movie in a purported genre of movies in which an

actor is actually murdered or commits suicide”, American Heritage

Dictionary). No one has ever been charged with her murder and

the mystery remains unsolved.





It’s not unusual for couples to fight as Leroy Drieth and girlfriend

Patty did one night. What made it unusual was that after the argument,

Leroy’s car crashed into a tree upon leaving Patty’s house and his

death was initially ruled a suicide. (A witness said Leroy told him he

was going to kill himself after the argument.) Still unsure, his family

had his body exhumed 25 years later and knife marks were found on

his neck. His family believes Patty’s family may be to blame.


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