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The female one can grow up to 70-110 pounds in weight

and reach up to 24-26 inches in height.  In the past, the Japanese employed the

Akita inu as a dog fighter or for hunting. Before the 1930s, the population of

Akita Inu was nearly extinct but the Society for the Preservation of

Japanese Breeds came and saved the population. It has vertical and

triangular ears and are mostly coated with black and brown fur.




The Anatolian Shepherd originally came from Turkey and the

Turkish commonly called it the Kangal dog,

Coban Kopengi, Karabas and the Karabash. Today, most people employ

the dog as a guard dog. The Anatolian Shepherd is a territorial and independent breed.

The female Anatolian shepherd can grow up to 27inches in height and weight 100lbs max.




The Great Dane originally a German breed dog and some called it a German Mastiff

or Deutsche Dogge. Great Danes enjoy socialising with humans and kids,

the Great Dane usually has a blue and black spot, thick coat and long narrowed tail.

A female great Dane can grow up to 120 lbs in weight and reach up to 30 inches in height.




In the 1800s, the Irish employed the dog as a wolf hunter dog.

Beside its tall and strong figures, the Irish wolfhound is a caring

and loving dog. It is loyal and can be a child’s best friend.

A female Irish wolfhound can grow up to 30-32 inches in height.




The Mastiff came from England so it is commonly called the English Mastiff.

The Mastiff is playful, energetic, and has a sensitive instinct. With proper training,

they can be a man’s and a child’s best friend. The common character of a Mastiff

is dark eyes, flat nose, and a coloured coat from brindle, fawn to apricot.

A female mastiff can grow up to 27 inches in height and weigh up to 150 pounds.




The Saint Bernard or also known as the Alpine Mastiff is a native of Switzerland

and the Bernadine Monks who firstly raised the dog around 1600s.  A Saint Bernard is

playful, loyal, and a patient dog. The Saint Bernard is available in a short and long coat variety.

It has a big head, a muscular structure and strong legs.

A Saint Bernard female can grow up to 130 pounds in weight and reach 36 inches in height.




The Tibetan Mastiff is also known as Do-Khyi, originally it came from Tibet and in the past,

local people usually used it as a guard dog. The Tibetan Mastiff has a sharp instinct and the

dog rarely drools. It can be sensitive to strangers but they can adapt well if trained

properly when young. The Tibetan Mastiff is also known as the most expensive dog breed in the world.

After fully grown a female Tibetan Mastiff can usually weigh 160 lbs and reach 26 inches height.




A Swiss Dog Mountain or commonly called the Greater Swiss cattle dog

came from Switzerland and it was firstly bred in the first 1900s. The dog is energetic,

playful, easy to adapt and has a good sense to protect. It has a character black nose,

shorthaired coat, and brown eyes. After fully grown, a Swiss mountain dog female can reach

a height of 26 inches and can weigh 110 pounds.




Kuvasz or commonly known as the Hungarian Kuvasz has amazing stamina and

can be active for hours without any break. Their distinctive character is their

v-shape ears, white fur, and cat-like paws on its feet. It has two layer coats to protect

them from the cold and each layer has a different character. An adult female Kuvasz

can grow up to a height of 26-28 inches and weigh 90 pounds.




A Caucasian Mountain Dog, which is also popular as Caucasian Ovtcharka, is a

mountain dog from Russia. It was originally a sheep dog and was converted to be a

border patrol dog in the East Germany army in the early 1960s. The dog can be

aggressive and dangerous once they are trained to attack strangers. The dog is not

a suitable pet because of their territorial and dominant instinct. An adult female

Caucasian Mountain dog is usually around 27 inches in height and can weigh up to 120 lbs

This is one of largest dogs in Europe and around Caucasus.









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