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Added on: 10th Mar 2014


No Need to Flush



Eatery: Marton. Location: Taiwan. What Makes It Unique:

In Taiwan's most recent hit theme restaurant, (named after the Chinese

word Matong, meaning toilet), customers sit on actual commodes.

It has been so popular, that the owner Eric Wang, 26 has opened

a second branch just seven months after the first.



Baby, It's Cold Inside

Eatery: ICEHOTEL. Location: Sweden. What Makes It Unique:

While the entire hotel is actually made from ice, fortunately for diners,

the restaurant is not. However, for an artic feel, the ice theme is carried

through by serving many dishes on ice plates.



Acrophobics Beware!

Eatery: Dinner in the Sky. Location: Belgium. What Makes It Unique:

For the most adventurous diners out there, Dinner in the Sky

can be rented for 22 people on an 8 hours basis. The event can be

organized anywhere, for example: a golf court, public place, race track,

castle, vineyard or historical site.



Undersea Eating

Eatery: Ithaa Undersea. Location: Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa.

What Makes It Unique: Ithaa -- which means "pearl" -- sits five meters below

sea level in the Indian Ocean. The aquarium -style restaurant allows you

to take in 360 degree views of reef and marine life. The restaurant is small

(only seats 12) and children are only allowed at lunch, if at all.



Dine With Gangsters

Eatery: Tommy Gun's Garage Location: Chicago. What Makes It Unique:

Step into this "speakeasy" and you'll be transported back to the Roaring

Twenties complete with gangsters, flappers, silent movies and hooch.

If you go, expect a police raid -- the audience becomes part of the dinner theatre action.



The Mad Scientist

Eatery: Moto. Location: Chicago. What Makes It Unique:

Known for the Asian-influenced avant-garde cuisine of Chef

Homaro Cantu, the menu at Moto features dishes that incorporate

unusual elements such as edible paper and liquid nitrogen. If you go,

look forward to eating your menu (literally) and smelling your utensils.


"Hospital" Food

Eatery: D.S. Music Restaurant. Location: Taipei. What Makes It Unique:

Don't be misled by the name, D.S. Music is more about its hospital motif,

then its musical offerings. "Nurses" and "doctors" serve you and whatever

you choose to eat can be washed down with Vodka Punch,

served in an IV hanging from the ceiling.



Food on a Nude

Eatery: Hadaka Sushi. Location: Hollywood. What Makes It Unique:

Two words: body sushi or "nyotaimori" -- the practice of eating

sashimi or sushi from the body of a woman. However, at Hadaka Sushi,

guests can choose either a female or male "serving dish."

And don't worry the food is served on banana leaves and

never touches the model's skin.



Have Fun in Bed

Eatery: B.E.D. Restaurant. Location: Miami. What Makes It Unique:

Diners at B.E.D. ("Beverage, Entertainment and Dining") lounge in

beds and eat from bamboo trays. It caters to the highly fashionable,

club-going crowd. If you go, don't look for a sign, there isn't one. B.E.D.

is not marked except for the street number and the logo

hidden on the mat outside.


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