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Britain true funny money spinner: the tree is covered with coins

Britain true funny money spinner:

The tree is covered with coins, believed to be a wishing tree

in the 18th century. The sick threw coins into the tree, for their

illness to be taken away by the tree.

A few hundred years later, the tree grew thicker and the

coins thrown into the trunk gradually grow out.



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A man in China paid part of his fine in coins. 

It took 18 workers all day to count it.



A Chef discovers the largest ever hoard of Roman coins in a field.

Hundreds of the coins - buried in a gigantic clay jar and weighing

as much as two men - bear the image of Carausius, who ruled Britain

independently from AD 286 to AD 293.

July 8th, 2010 by Anna Booth  Tony Williams, Coroner for Somerset, will hold an inquest today on one of the largest Roman coin hoards ever found in Britain ? the Portable Antiquities Scheme and Somerset County Council has reported.



California couple strike gold after finding $10million of 19th

century coins buried on their property.

Booty: A trove of rare Gold Rush-era coins unearthed in California last year by a couple as they walked their dog may be the greatest buried treasure ever found in the United States, worth more than $10million

Nearly all of the 1,427 coins, dating from 1847 to 1894,

are in uncirculated and in mint condition.



What you see below is $1000 in $1, $2 or 50¢ coins.

One thousand dollars. In change. That was sitting in

a drawer in a house.

$1000 in Coins


Coin Drawer

A couple threw all of their loose change into a drawer at

the end of the day. Which has been accumulating for years,

only taking out the gold coins when we’re desperate.

And that’s not even all of it. They have a ton more $1 coins.

And then there’s all of the 20¢, 10¢, & 5¢ coins to go. 



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