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Added on: 23rd Jan 2015



Can you just imagine playing football where your teammates and

opponents belong in one village, populating to over hundreds and

thousands. Moreover, could you think of a game that also involves

kids and women, passing the ball from one end to another like there’s

no tomorrow? This is how the Royal Shrovetide Football can be

best described as it has attracted the attention of thousands who play

every year in the small village of Ashbourne, England.




Shin Kicking, as plainly as it could be called, is a famous sport in

Cotswolds, England, near the same place where cheese rolling became

a recognized sporting event. The objective of the game is to kick your

opponent down by constantly bashing his shins. If you are able

to win the best-of-three by knocking your enemy down, then

you make yourself a winner.




It would be great ice if you could play beach volleyball and jump over the

net while spiking the ball towards the opponent. Though many people

think that such feats can only be done by professionals, it may not

necessarily be the case when you play a Brazilian beach volleyball

called Bossaball. It’s volleyball with an inflated court that

has a trampoline for Spikers.




There is a certain sport that provides consolation for those who are

not adept with skateboarding, rollerblading, and not even good at BMX

extreme biking. It’s what you call Freestyle Walking. In this fun sport,

the only accessory you need for a good time is a pair of Soap Shoes

that is intended for rail grinding. The sport has been so famous that

video game characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, and even Tidus from

Final Fantasy X have done it in some parts of their games.




Ferret Legging is just one game that most players have to pass on.

With two angry ferrets trapped in your pants the day can quickly go bad.

The record for longest time was 5 hours.




Dwile Flonking in played by two teams, where one player of your

team plays is the flonker, while the opposing team dances around him.

The objective of the game is to toss the beer-soaked rug to anyone

within the circle. If it hits someone, then that person is “it”. The game

finishes either once four rounds have been played or everyone is so

drunk that they can’t move normally anymore.




Hornussen, touted in Switzerland as the game of the farmers, is a

game that uses the principles of golf and baseball together. One team

launches a rubber ball called a “Hornuss” with the help of a long flexible

rod with a huge hard cork at the end. The opposing team then scores

points by stopping it with huge placards. If the hornuss is hit, then the

opposing team gets a point. But if the hornuss was missed and fell into

the ground, then it’s the other team’s score.




Although skiing and snowboarding are great speed sports during winter,

these fast-pacing games also have their dangers, especially to those

who might end up banging themselves on a tree. However, if you

are the sports fan that has mastered the measure of both snow sports,

then skibobbing is for you. It’s just like any other winter sport, except

now you add a bike into the mix.


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