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Added on: 7th May 2015


MAYAN SACRIFICIAL POOL Dzibilchaltun_cenote

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Yucatan, Mexico are the

so called cenotes. You’ll be fine as long as you just swim in the pools,

but whatever you do, never dive down. On the bottom, there are

hundreds of skeletons of people sacrificed centuries ago to Chaak,

the rain god of the Mayans.




When guests at the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, California,

complained of low pressure and a strange taste in the water,

they couldn’t have imagined the grisly source of the problem.

Maintenance workers found the rooftop water tank clogged by

Canadian tourist Eilsa Lam, who had apparently drowned inside.



ROOTS OF A TREE Windthrow_Xynthia_Picea_Root_Plate

When Hurricane Sandy swept through Connecticut in 2012, it

knocked down hundreds of trees and one of them revealed

a morbid secret that had been hidden for centuries. Twisted

within its roots, numerous human remains were found.

Further investigation revealed that the area had been a

burial site for Yellow Fever victims.



HAUNTED HOUSE 3056076295_21122bdda0_z

Each Halloween, a family from Illinois turns a local house into a

haunted house famous all over the neighbourhood.

But one year, the house got even scarier than the organizers intended.

An unknown 71-year-old man died in the house and was left

there for another 3 weeks until the visitors finally realized his

body was not a prop.



SOFA 1024px-Kubus_sofa

When Bristol resident Alan Derrick let a homeless man, Denis Pring,

crash on his couch, he didn´t have the foggiest idea of how his

generous effort would end up. Pring, who has just finished a hearty

drinking session, died on the sofa. Derrick, was reportedly

“too scared” to tell anyone about the death, and just turned the sofa

over and forgot about the dead man. Pring’s body was discovered

inside the sofa after 10 years when Derrick moved out.



PADLOCKED GYM BAG Do_Not_Cross,_Crime_Scene

A naked, decomposing body of a British spy inside a padlocked

gym bag is probably one of the most bizarre and disturbing

discoveries that crime investigators have ever made. But what

makes this case even creepier is the fact that the bag was found in the

spy´s apartment and there has been no evidence of anybody

else being involved in the tragedy, which gives rise to many

theories and speculations about what really happened.



MAILBOX Mailbox_US_in_the_shade

A mailman in Pennsylvania was on his route when he found a strange

package at the bottom of a mailbox. At first, the package, which had

no address or stamps, was thought to be a bomb so authorities were

brought in to investigate. After the bomb sniffing dogs gave the

okay, they found a metal box with a weird label, inside the package.

On the label there were years and names of individuals and in

the box were the cremated ashes of these people.



HOLY RIVER GANGES Ganges_river_at_Varanasi_2008

Every day, dead bodies of men, women, and even children are

found washed up along the shores of India´s Ganges River.

However local officials never suspect any crime, as it is believed

that the dead were just given water burials. Many poor Indians

cannot afford cremation so they just bury their deceased family

members in the river. Unfortunately, this only contributes to

the already heavy pollution of this Holy River.


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