Bad Dog Needs Rotten Home


1, 2, 3, UH

Added on: 24th May 2015


One night two midget brothers walk

into a bar and one says

"Man I'm tired of screwing midget girls

lets screw real women."

The other midget agreed.


5 minutes later two blonde's walk

into the bar and sit by the two midgets.


So the four of them get talking and

the midgets ask if they want to come to their

 hotel rooms and stay the night and have sex.


So the two blonde's decide to go.

In the first room the blonde and the midget

were getting it on when the midget says

"Oh baby, I'm sorry, this has never

happened before, but I can't get hard"

So they give up and laid down to go asleep.


But through the wall from the second room

they hear "1, 2, 3 uh 1, 2, 3 uh",

which keeps up all night long.


So the next day after the blonde's leave

the brothers meet each other again and

discuss how there night went.


The first midget says

"Oh, my night was terrible.

I just couldn't get hard."


The second midget replies

"Mine was worse than that"

"What do you mean" said the first midget.

"I heard you going "1, 2, 3 uh all night long".

To which the second midget replies


"Yeah! I couldn't get on the damn bed"


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