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Added on: 30th May 2015



Pan Am Flight 103

Also known as the ‘Lockerbie Bombing,’ this event happened on

December 21, 1988, a Pan Am transatlantic flight from London

Heathrow Airport on its way to JFK International Airport in New York.

The Boeing 747-121, “Clipper Maid of the Seas,” exploded killing

all 243 passengers aboard as well as its 16 crewmembers before

it crashed in Lockerbie, Scotland killing 11 more on the ground.

A three-year joint investigation of the Scottish police and the US FBI

resulted in the arrest of 2 Libyan nationals who were handed over

by the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi also paid compensation

to the victims’ families, though maintaining that he did not personally

order the attack which resulted in more conspiracy theories.




Bombay Bombings

This tragic terrorist attack involved 13 bomb explosions in Bombay

(now Mumbai), India. The assault on March 12, 1993 resulted in the

death of 270 civilians with 700 more wounded. Organized by

Dawood Ibrahim, the “don” of the crime syndicate D-Company, it was

carried out as an act of vengeance against the widespread Muslim

massacre from December to January and the destruction of the

Babri Masjid.




Oklahoma City Bombing

The deadliest act of terrorism in the US before the 9-11 attacks,

the bombing that occurred on April 19, 1995 in the Alfred P. Murrah

Federal Building, an office complex in Oklahoma claimed the lives of

168 people, 19 of which were children below 6 years old, and left 800

more wounded. It also caused damaged to 324 buildings within a

16-block radius, burned 86 cars, shattered the windowpanes of 258

nearby buildings, resulting in $652 million worth of damages.

The perpetrator, Timothy McVeigh, was put to death by lethal

injection in 2001.




Attack in Bentalha, Algeria

Also known as the “Bentalha Massacre,” this tragic event happened on

September 22 to 23, 1997 when armed guerrillas stormed the village and

killed 200 to 400 of its inhabitants. It started with an explosion near the

orange groves in the Hai el-Djilali neighbourhood at about 11:30 pm

followed by assailants armed with machine guns, machetes and

hunting rifles going from house to house and slaughtering men, women

and children. This monstrosity was claimed by the Armed Islamic Group, who

was also responsible for other massacres including that of the Hais Rais.




US Embassy Bombings

This is a series of terrorist attacks on US Embassies in the East African

cities of Nairobi, and Dar es Slaam on August 7, 1998, which was the

8th anniversary of the arrival of US forces in Saudi Arabia. The truck bomb

explosions were linked to the local terrorist group of al Qaeda, headed by

Osama bin Laden. The trucks, which were laden with 3 to 17 tons of high

explosive materials detonated simultaneously, with over 200 dead and

thousands wounded as a result. Though it was directed at American facilities,

most of the victims were local citizens with only 12 American casualties.




Karachi Bombing

The Karachi bombing on October 18, 2007 happened on the day

former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was welcomed home after an

8-year self-imposed exile in Dubai and London. The blasts occurred

during a motorcade on their way from the airport to the tomb of

Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Three police vans bore the impact of the

explosions killing 20 policemen instantly and resulting in the death of

139 people, most of whom were members of the

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).




Bali Bombing

Considered the deadliest acts of terrorism ever in the history of Indonesia,

this tragic event occurred on October 12, 2002 in the tourist district of

Kuta. It resulted in the deaths of 202 people, including 38 locals.

The attacks on local nightclubs were carried out by some members of

the Jemaah Islamiyah, a terrorist Islamist group, with the use of two

bombs placed in a backpack carried by suicide bombers and a car bomb

while a third bomb exploded in the US Embassy in Denpasar.




Madrid Train Bombings

Also known as “11-M” this is considered the most tragic terrorist attack

in Europe, occurring on March 11, 2004. The series of synchronized

bombings on the Cercania commuter train in Madrid were believed to be

headed by an al-Qaeda-inspired terrorist group. The explosions, which

were just three days short of the general elections in Spain

killed nearly 200 people.

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